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TikTok Series: Everything You Need to Know (+ Monetization Tips)

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Creators and social media managers need to move quickly with the times on social media. Knowing the nuances of this tool is crucial because the addition of TikTok’s Series feature has created new revenue streams. Whether you’re already a well-known creative or just starting as an influencer, you can benefit from the TikTok Series feature.

In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the TikTok Series, including how it works, who can make one, and how much money they can make, as well as other ways that TikTok creators can make money.

What is the TikTok Series feature?

TikTok’s Series enables the creation of video collections that viewers can access for a subscription. This is one of the latest release features by TikTok for creators to share premium content and monetize with their community. TikTok’s goal of encouraging meaningful interactions and improving the overall quality of its content makes this change a natural fit.


Introducing TikTok Series 🥁 Our new premium feature enables creators to post Collections of up to 80 videos, each up to 20 minutes long 🙌

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By enabling longer, more in-depth videos, series expand the possibilities for expression. Series allows for even longer videos than TikTok’s 10-minute limit (up to 20 minutes). In addition to emphasizing TikTok’s emphasis on lengthier vertical content, this feature is a proactive step to improve the creators’ path to monetization. 

Series allows creators to charge for access to premium material for their subscribers. In a single Series, there can be up to eighty videos, each up to twenty minutes long. 

Creators can charge anywhere from $0.99 to $189.99. Access to a Series can be purchased quickly and easily via in-video links or the creator’s profile. Creators on TikTok are allowed to keep 100% of their earnings. However, over 30 percent will be subtracted from processing and app store costs. There is still a lot of mystery about how the company intends to split up future money.

Who is eligible?

As a venue for longer-form content and monetization, TikTok Series is an intriguing prospect for creators. There are some prerequisites for using this function:

Minimum age

To ensure that creators are of legal age to engage in monetization projects, we require that all eligible creators be at least 18 years old.

Account duration

You’ll need a TikTok account running for at least 30 days. This method guarantees that candidates have a basic familiarity with the system. 

Follower count

At least 10,000 subscribers to show that a creator has built a dedicated fan base.

View count

It shows consistent engagement and relevance when a piece of content has gotten 1,000 views or more in the previous month.

Account type

Every qualified creator needs a visible Personal Account. We do not accept Business Accounts, Political Accounts, or Personal Accounts to maintain a level playing field for content creators.

Account Standing

TikTok requires its creators to abide by its Community Guidelines and keep their accounts in good standing. This maintains a friendly and considerate atmosphere for everyone involved, from makers to viewers.

Why Leverage the Series Feature?

Test longer form videos

The Series option gives creators the room to play with lengthier forms of content and helps both TikTok and creators themselves to experiment with longer form content as TikTok moves beyond its one-minute video roots.

Monetize community and content

Creators can find new methods to make money off of their work by using the Series feature. This helps you get to know the members willing to pay for premium content on a more personal level.

Prioritized benefits 

Since TikTok has been heavily testing out and promoting the Series feature, it’s likely that creators who adopt this new tool will receive preferential treatment from the platform regarding support, exposure, and other perks. If you leverage it effectively, you can be at the top of TikTok’s ecology.

How to create a TikTok Series:

Begin with an Idea

Create a compelling concept for your TikTok Series first. Think of the type of premium, unique material that would interest your target demographic. A fitness influencer might create a comprehensive exercise plan, while Miss Excel might concentrate on developing a secret Excel training program.

Think about how other content makers in your field have used the Series feature. You can gain valuable ideas and inspiration for your Series by subscribing to others like it.


Invest some effort toward formulating a plan for the Series. Find the prominent picture structure that will get your topic off to a great start. Determine the many sub-topics that should be addressed, and arrange them in a sensible order in your movies.

It’s crucial to plan out the sequence of your videos and think about how they’ll work together. Use research to your advantage, primarily if other artists in your niche might have written on similar topics.

Organize each video

Now that you have your big picture in place, you can start plotting out the details of your films. Set goals for your videos, decide whether they will be scripted or unscripted, and organize your content accordingly.

Collaborators and other creators can help you spot problems and discover areas for growth. Getting feedback from other people on your content strategy can help you improve it significantly.

Make an engaging introduction

Take advantage of TikTok’s offer of a free trailer for your Series. Develop a compelling prologue that reveals something about the heart of your Series. To keep people interested and maybe subscribe, it needs to have enough content.

Film each video

Make your plans a reality by filming a Series. While a basic TikTok setup may work, you should consider upgrading the quality of your productions for paid content. Longer videos may require more takes to guarantee continuity and accuracy.

Review, edit, and retake if required

Please don’t rush to upload videos right after you shoot them. Look at the footage, make any required changes using a TikTok editor, and film everything at least once. You can ensure everything fits together well by looking at the whole series before diving into individual episodes.

Be willing to reshoot videos if necessary. This is to be expected when creating content that goes beyond the simple nature of typical TikTok videos.

Release and market your Series

After the last touches have been made to your Series, you should devise an aggressive marketing approach. Not every update needs to be a launch announcement, but you should think about making one.

More importantly, in the future, TikToks provide direct in-video links that lead directly to your Series. Please include a link to the Series in your bio to increase its exposure.

Other ways for TikTok creators to monetize on TikTok

While TikTok is testing out this feature with creators in certain regions who meet this requirement, the Series feature is not yet available to everyone. Meanwhile, if you are looking for other ways to monetize your TikTok following, here are some other popular ways of monetization for your consideration: 

Direct product sales through TikTok Shop

Both creators and companies have a lot to gain from TikTok Shop. With this function, companies can offer a bespoke digital storefront within the app, bypassing the need for separate e-commerce platforms. TikTok videos, TikTok live sessions, and the dedicated product display page all facilitate the marketing and sale of products thanks to the combined efforts of creators and brands. This method not only increases involvement from followers but also takes advantage of the opportunity to convert viewers into paying clients.

Brand collaborations

Working with well-known companies can help creators earn money from their sites. One prominent type is sponsored content, in which producers are paid or otherwise rewarded for showcasing specific commercial offerings. This monetization method might take the form of paid endorsements or exclusive experiences. Still, it’s essential to stay true to yourself and partner with brands that readers will find exciting and relevant. In this way, you can rest assured that your audience will continue to trust you both.

Embrace TikTok Creator Next

Potentially valuable monetization resources are available through TikTok Creator Next. Creator Next, as stated by TikTok, is meant to help creators turn their hobbies or primary source of income into something more meaningful. Creators may successfully navigate the ever-changing environment of content monetization by utilizing tools and features like the TikTok Creator Fund to grow their communities and improve their work using the toolset given by Creator Next.


There are new and exciting avenues for making money if you use TikTok Series in your content strategy. If you are looking to create and edit TikTok video content as Series, you can use Vizard to record and edit, and turn them into polished content ready for your viewers. Simply start by recording a video or uploading an existing one to test out how Vizard can edit TikTok videos for you!