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How comedy creator Andy Airz grows through Shorts with Vizard

Getting to know Andy:

Andy is a comedy creator (@REALarious) with a combined audience of over 1 million across TikTok, YouTube and Facebook. He started his full-time content creation journey during Covid in 2021 when his channel took off quickly (100k followers in a month!). And since then, content creation has been the main focus for Andy, where he brings jokes and laughter to audiences across multiple platforms. We asked Andy how he manages his content production, top tips for content growth and monetization and how Vizard helps him create shorts effortlessly.

Hey Andy! So good to finally chat. To start us off, can you tell us a bit about your creator journey? 

I first got started during Covid when I was using social media to entertain myself. I started filming silent videos of myself reacting to other comedies or jokes. But then people on my comments said they wanted to hear my voice instead of just seeing me react. As soon as I opened up my microphone, everything skyrocketed. I was just on TikTok and within a month, I had over 100,000 followers.

What do you use Vizard for? 

I use livestream to connect with the audience. Each Wednesday I go live via Stream Yard and they last about an hour to really engage and connect with talk with the audience. Only true followers show up for livestreams. I then upload my TikTok and YouTube live streams to Vizard. In 30 minutes, I already have clips that can be published on Facebook or TikTok.

Why did you choose Vizard? 

Vizard stands out for its speed and simplicity to use. The videos are quick to process, and have all the right features to turn a livestream recording into short form content. I researched all the other clipping tools, but Vizard was the best and the quickest tool out of all I’ve tried. With Vizard, it was just on point, on time and made the process a lot simpler. It also filters out the silences and improves the video flow. Its captioning features are also on point. I can just upload and not have to worry about captioning.”

I see that you’ve built an impressive audience of over 1 million across multiple platforms. Can you give us some tips for aspiring creators in your niche? 

Build a multi-platform strategy and keep an eye out for monetization. Use TikTok as a testing ground for ideas; if successful, expand to Facebook and cross-post on Instagram, saving YouTube for last. Pay close attention to the unique monetization requirements of each platform. For example, videos under 15 seconds won’t be monetized on TikTok, so it’s advisable to publish them as TikTok stories. To qualify for monetization on TikTok, ensure your content is at least 60 seconds long.

Be intentional in your content choices. Understand the purpose behind each post and avoid publishing just for the sake of it. Prioritize content that serves a clear purpose. If it’s not making me money, I don’t post. But also in the same sense, sometimes you have to post something that it’s not gonna make you much money, but will give you the engagement. With that engagement, we’ll come to people checking out other things to where in turn will end up making money.

Use livestreams to connect with your real fans. I have over 600k followers on TikTok but only a small fraction actually shows up to these livestreams. It is an opportunity to really connect and talk with my audience. I use Streamyard to go live on TikTok and YouTube.

Repurpose livestreams. With Vizard, i can automatically transform these recordings into clips of different lengths for posting on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram that can get extra views and monetization opportunities. If you repurpose clips for livestream, make sure you think about your clip engagement even during live streams. For example, be intentional on how you ask those questions because the questions you ask will likely end up being the hook for your videos and you will use those questions to draw people in in your clips.

Optimize for 7-second engagement for best monetization. Most creators only talk about the 3-second rule, but if people scroll away after 3 seconds, your videos won’t get monetized on some platforms.

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