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How a new YouTube creator Sekou, 25x his channel with Vizard

Hi Sekou! Can you start us off by sharing what you do and how Vizard plays a role? 

I operate a business that is dedicated to help people with criminal backgrounds, disabilities, mental health issues, and get jobs. One of the best ways to create awareness of what’s going on is utilizing the Internet so I wanted to create easily digestible content for my audience. When I initially started experimenting with Shorts, it felt like a shot in the dark to see if they would attract viewers. But with Vizard, I quickly figured out a workflow that was immensely helping in growing my subscribers while also saving me time.

Why Vizard?

1/ Helps me identify content that’ll generate eye balls

It streamlines my workflow by identifying controversy and eye-catching content in my videos, thus relieving me of the burdensome editing process. Each video cut by Vizard can easily generate thousands of views without much effort from my side at all.

2/ Cuts down the hours I spent on editing

With Vizard, I can focus on my creativity while it handles the tedious editing tasks which could take hours. All I need to do is upload the content, step away for a few minutes, and return to find 20 clips ready for use. While not every clip may be suitable, Vizard also ranks them, providing insight into what the algorithm finds compelling. You can also select clips based on length. When I was doing it manually, I was listening to it and trying to select a 30-second clip, and cut it correctly. The whole process was a headache.

3/ Helps me keep up with my cadence

I try to keep up with posting 3 videos a day. I almost burned out, then I was looking for a solution and that’s what I found. And then when I found it and it did what I wanted it to do, it allows me to literally play on certain days where I can just upload a bunch of shorts that I already have in the bank. After discovering Vizard, I no longer spend hours editing each day outside of my job. Instead, I allocate specific days to create a backlog of shorts. By creating multiple shorts in one day and releasing them gradually, I maintain a consistent flow of content across various platforms.


Since incorporating Vizard into my workflow, my subscriber count has grown exponentially. From a mere 22 subscribers on YouTube and modest followings on other platforms last April, I now boast nearly 800 subscribers on YouTube, close to 3,000 on TikTok, and almost 9,000 on Facebook. While it’s not a 1 million or anything yet, it’s significantly more than it was when I started so I can definitely say that Vizard helped me with getting subscribers, increasing watch time and being an integral part of my growth as a content creator.

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