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How coach Mischa builds personal brand with Vizard

Getting to know Mischa:

Mischa is the founder of, coach and course creator based in the Bay area. As Mischa builds and connects with his audience on Instagram, creating short-form content that resurfaces highlights from his client calls and conversations remains a challenge. For him, the solution is Vizard.

Can you tell us more about how you are using Vizard?

Before Vizard, I often found myself holding up the camera and attempting to convey the same points discussed in my courses or interviews. However, the truth is that I sometimes express ideas more effectively in a teacher or interviewee voice when I’m actually on the phone or in a conversation in a way that I couldn’t achieve by simply presenting my thoughts to the camera. Vizard has enabled me to mine value where I wasn’t able to before.

What’s your Vizard workflow?

“The best tool to turn Zoom recording into Instagram Reels”

As a coach, a lot of my teaching and podcast interviews are all recorded on Zoom. I have found that Vizard is the best tool for turning Zoom recordings into Instagram Reels. I’ll put in an hour of Zoom recording into Vizard and Vizard comes up with 20 or 25 clips that can be turned into Instagram Reels. I would never have the time to go through hours of videos and clip bits out of them otherwise. This is a perfect use of AI.

Out of all the tools out there, why Vizard?

AI clipping helps me get to 90%. But Vizard even makes the rest of the 10% super simple. The capacity to edit the video just by editing by deleting words from the transcript is amazing. If I need to fine tune the clip to take it from 90% to 100% right, the feature itself is brilliant and the interface is generally pretty user friendly.

If you are likewise trying to build your personal brand and coaching business, try it out with Vizard and transform your coaching calls into viral-worthy clips in a click. Upload a video to start for free it today!

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