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Podcast: Unpacking Content Distribution with Brett McGrath

Brett McGrath is the VP of Marketing at The Juice, a sales and marketing content distribution platform. We explored the world of content distribution and why distribution-first is the way to win in today’s content-saturated market. In this episode, you can expect to learn: 

  • The power of content distribution 
  • Why is distribution-first the way to win in content-saturated market 
  • Starting content distribution with your mentality shift 
  • Key ingredients to distributional success: consistency, collaboration and content that your audience cares
  • Breaking down Brett’s own distribution workflow 
  • Measuring ROI for content distribution 

If you want to learn more about content distribution, visit ⁠The Juice⁠, check out ⁠The Modern Day Marketer podcast ⁠or connect with Brett directly on Linkedin.⁠ Enjoy! 

You can also find us on Spotify, Apple and Castbox.

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